CCTV Security Cameras

A sense of security can give such peace of mind, and what better way to keep your loved ones, assets and businesses safe than with CCTV security cameras? It is a proven fact that CCTV security cameras are a deterrent to potential break-ins. This is according to 71% of burglars, as reported by Ideal Home in their article on how to prevent a burglary.

Three cctv cameras

What are CCTV security cameras?

Let’s start with breaking down what CCTV stands for. It stands for Closed Circuit Television and is a video system that involves strategically placed cameras around your property that record footage and monitor for intruders. The acronym CCTV is an all-encompassing phrase for all the components of your security system, such as the cameras, wiring, footage, access control etc.

With the advancement of technology CCTV cameras can capture so much more than just video but can also pick up on audio. The technology is even sophisticated enough to pick up on things such as animals or foliage. This means that only genuine intruders will be detected, avoiding false alarms. CCTV cameras can even trigger visual and audio alerts to ward intruders off immediately.

So, why are CCTV security cameras important?

If you’re a home or business owner, the most important thing to you will be protecting these things. Your home is your haven, and the thought of someone infiltrating that fills us all with dread. Equally, your business is your livelihood, and knowing that any would-be criminals will be deterred because of your security system is reason enough. CCTV security cameras allow you to check on your home and business remotely. This means that anywhere you are in the world, you’ll be able to report any suspicious behaviour.

External CCTV cameras are an obvious choice, but business owners may want to consider internal systems in place to prevent any foul play. Something to bear in mind is that CCTV footage can sometimes be used as evidence in court due to its unbiased intelligence which will always be the most accurate form of evidence.

Why not complete the security trifecta?

If you’re looking for the ultimate security system, we would highly recommend our CCTV, intruder alarm and access control systems. While each works well individually, using them all in conjunction makes for the optimum security for your business. With our security services, we don’t just supply the products, we also install and offer monitoring and support.

Man installing a cctv camera

There are more reasons than not to have CCTV and we hope by the end this your only question is, “why don’t I have CCTV?”. Get in touch with us today! We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking to secure your home or business.