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Omni gives you insight into your employee’s activities, leading to better productivity, performance, and performance effectiveness.

Employee Overview

Omni allows you access to an overview of each of your employees and their activity throughout the day. This can benefit you and your employees in a number of different ways and lead to higher productivity. Here you can accurately assess the day-to-day tasks of your employees and help them to prioritise different areas if need be. This leads to effective project management. Understanding where your employee maybe is struggling can also help you gain a stronger relationship, leading to a more motivated and productive team member.

Individual View

Access individual employee’s and pick up on areas they may be lacking in, offering them solutions in real time. Omni individual view can also help when it comes time for employee assesments, helping you to make informed decisions.

Company Overview

Have complete visibility of your business from a bird’s eye view. Help employees manage their time at work efficiently and help them reach their potential. Higher production rates generaly means higher revenue. Make sure each employee is reaching their full potential and ensure that unproductive workers aren’t costing your company.

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