Managed Wifi

An access point suppling powerful coverage for enterprise network

Our managed wifi partner


Managing wireless networks using a web browser

Our managed WiFi is controlled through UniFi. With UniFi we can manage wireless networks using a web browser. This means that WiFi support can be done remotely, which in turn means less downtime if you encounter a WiFi issue.

UniFi is an access point which supplies powerful coverage for enterprise networks. The UniFi access point can be mounted indoors or outdoors due to the fact it is water and dust-resistant and can also be set up in minutes.

What are the benefits of our managed WiFi?

  • Effortless Setup – Once the initial UniFi controller has been installed, it makes it incredibly easy for us to install new equipment and control them all over the cloud.
  • Cost Effective And Scalable – Our UniFi controllers are a more cost-effective alternative to other, more pricy WiFi solutions. UniFi also makes sense for smaller businesses as our UniFi products are scalable.
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