Don’t Skip Out On Cybersecurity

As a business, you will most likely gather a great deal of sensitive data, such as financial records or customer information. With cybercrime steadily on-the-rise, IT security should be a staple in any business infrastructure.

According to Comparitech, “More than 80% of UK organizations experienced a successful attack in 2021/2022…” making it extremely important for you to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with efficient cyber security in place.

“It is not a question of ‘if’ but more of a question of ‘when’ your company be subjected to a cyber-attack. A data breach is more likely to come from human negligence rather than a criminal hack. When you strive to create a risk-aware culture within the workplace, you’re preventing your employees from becoming unknowingly complicit in the cyber-crime activity.” – Ben Whitehead, IT Director Citytalk Group

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How to prevent cyberattacks

At Citytalk Group we offer full-scale IT security. With the addition of ESET Protect, we bring a fully comprehensive security package to protect your business. ESET Protect comprises endpoint protection, file server security, advanced threat defence and much more.

Don’t forget to protect your cloud email! We offer spam filtering, anti-malware scanning, anti-phishing and proactive threat defence which help to secure your business against targeted attacks and viruses. Our advanced technology also blocks any new, never-before-seen cybersecurity threats such as ransomware.

Endpoint protection offers advanced, multi-layer protection for your business computers and mobile phones, all managed from one unified console. File server security provides advanced protection for data passing through all servers, network storage and multi-purpose servers, this ensures business continuity. It offers security against ransomware, zero-day threat detection, data breach prevention and botnet protection. With Cloud App protection, Microsft 365 apps have added proactive threat defence.

What are the benefits of IT security?

Safeguard personal information – Especially that of your customers. It is your legal requirement to safeguard customer and employee information, so as not to put anyone at risk. Never underestimate the lengths cybercriminals will go to when they have successfully stolen information.

While you may think your IT department can handle anything thrown at them, cybercriminals are a whole new ball game. Cybercriminals are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience with attacking systems. Supporting your IT department is a great benefit for cyber security as you are giving them the tools needed to counteract any threats. When you have a guarantee that customer information is being kept safe and are complying with industry standards you are in turn gaining credibility and trust from your customers.

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The benefits to IT security are endless and a vital part of any business architecture. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help to safeguard your business, as well as the private information of your customers. Don’t get caught out!