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The best solutions and support for your IT needs

At Citytalk we know that having a resilient and functional IT infrastructure is vital to any business regardless of size. We aim to develop partnerships with you by living up to our promises and exceeding your expectations. With a wide range of solutions and a support plans to meet your businesses requirements. Let us take the stress of managing your internal IT solutions and provide you with our outstanding customer service and continuous support.

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Cloud Services

Integrated ICT solutions for your business

Our agility and flexibility enable us to adapt to your specific needs - whatever your business. As we work with most of the UK's leading carriers, we offer the most cost-effective solutions and true network diversity. Resilient connections to your site and separate routing to different data centres gives added security. We provide a suite of complementary offerings that create value for you and your customers by utilising the network and increasing its value. We provide:

  • Hosted email mailboxes
  • Email security
  • Secure off-site backup
  • Hosted desktops and servers
  • Hosted lync
  • Hosted sharepoint
  • Email archiving 1 year, 5 year, 10 year

Managed IT Support

One port of call for all your ICT support needs

Let us manage your Desktop PCs, Servers, Email, Network and IT support, and enjoy the benefit of huge cost savings through centralised management. More importantly you’ll have one port of call when a problem arises in any area requiring ICT support with our dedicated support team. Contact our sales team on 01296 744310 to discuss pricing and support coverage that suits your specific business needs.

Hardware Services

Fully configured to suit you and ready to integrate with your existing infrastructure

We provide new PCs and Servers from trusted manufacturers including brands such as Dell and HP – with reliable networking equipment from manufacturers such as Cisco, Netgear, ZyXel and Draytek. All new PCs, Servers and networking equipment supplied by Citytalk are fully configured to your requirements, ready to integrate with existing services and infrastructure reducing time taken to set up thus saving money. We provide:

  • New desktop PC’s and laptops
  • Upgrades to existing PC’s and servers
  • Configuration and date transfer
  • Centralised file storage
  • Attractive leasing packages

Cabling & Connectivity

Structured Cabling is the backbone to any IT and Voice Network

We specialise in the consultancy and installation of all aspects of voice and data cabling including Cat 5, Cat5e, Cat6 and wireless networking across the United Kingdom. A structured cabling system can support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems so it is vital that your network infrastructure is designed and installed to the highest-standard. We spend time with you to understand what your requirements are before scoping or recommending any solution. We ensure network connectivity in any building from industrial units, offices and commercial premises to sports facilities, education establishments and listed buildings. Our data network cabling services include:

  • Network cabling – cat5e, cat6 and cat6a
  • Integrated networks for convergence of voice and data
  • Fibre optic cabling
  • Data centre cabling
  • Local area network (LAN) wide area network (WAN) secure area network (SAN) data cabling
  • Network auditing, structured cabling network testing and fault finding
  • Telephone Switch Installation
  • 15 Year Guarantee